Embsec specializes in advanced surveillance, monitoring and measurement systems. With a product line focused on outdoor surveillance and perimeter control as well as a range of OEM measurement systems and professional system integration services, Embsec serves a wide range of challenging markets. Our products are used to detect intrusions or unwanted activities and integrate the alarms to your IP video surveillance system. This allows surveillance solutions that are more cost effective, easier to install, more accurate and less prone to false alarms compared to video analysis.


Embedded systems

We take care to understand your specific problem and strive to find an optimal solution whether it requires a high performance DSP/FPGA board, a multimedia platform or a simple i/o control task. We can provide you with off the shelf systems or a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Web systems

We believe that in the future everything, from a toaster to your pet dog will be online; connected to the Internet and controlled from a web browser. That is why we always end up using web interfaces for applications that require a user interface, today this is true even for simple low cost embedded systems!

Digital design

Do you need a VHDL component to be written, implement a digital filter or need competence in system architecture; just ask us, we can probably help you!

Mechanical CAD

A computer model of your components is almost necessary today. We can help with CAD modeling, CAM processing for manufacuring as well as 3D rendering for presentations.

Finite Element Analysis

It's difficult to do strain and deformation calculations on complex geometry. With FEA this can be done easier and more precise. We can help you dimension critical components.

Manufacturing drawings

We can help you producing drawings as well as aiding the communication with workshops. We create drawings for waterjet/laser and autocad compatible drawings (dxf and dwg) or provide 3D models for model makers and workshops.

Prototype manufacturing

We have an in-house CNC equipped workshop for prototype manufacturing. We will help you go from idea to prototype or small series in record time!